Raising children today and keeping them innocent is different from my generation and my mother’s generation. My grandparents raised 13 children with wholesome values. My mother tells stories of treasured hours outside playing with siblings and friends. My childhood consisted of playing with cousins and friends much in the same way as my own mother, outside worry free. I am truly trying to recreate that same wonderful childhood for my own family of five children but I am doing this in a much different age, the digital age. Children now have access to more information and even information deemed inappropriate for their current age. I want to protect my children’s innocence as long as possible and discuss sensitive topics with them when I decide the time is right. I created MomSecure from a need to protect and shield children from content they could access but shouldn’t.

Growing up in a large family and with a large family of my own, I am passionate about protecting our youth. Technology is changing every moment and MomSecure is committed to the task of protecting our children’s innocence.