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GREEN BAY (WLUK) – Despite efforts by law enforcement to lock up child predators, children are being victimized every day in Wisconsin. Photos and video depicting the sexual assault of children are repeatedly shared on the internet.For many the internet is a private world. A few key strokes and it can quickly turn illegal.Downloading and distributing images and video of child sexual assaults is happening on a daily basis. And while most try to remain anonymous, the activity is no secret to law enforcement.

“Ultimately the mission we have is to rescue children from sexual abuse,” said former veteran police detective Bill Wiltse, who runs the Child Rescue Coalition out of Boca Raton, Florida.

FOX 11 Investigates spoke with Wiltse through Skype. CRC uses specially designed computer software to track those dealing in child porn all over the world.

“You’re specifically identifying computers right now in use potentially trafficking in child pornography?” asked reporter Mark Leland.

“Yes. We track hundreds of thousands of computers a day,” said Wiltse.

Wiltse says the Child Rescue Coalition tracks up to 50 million records a day for computers involved in this illegal activity. Cyber police are following the distribution of suspected illegal material. They watch where the files go and report specific computer IP addresses to local police agencies.

“Can you give me an idea the numbers in Wisconsin you might be seeing?” asked Leland.

“Yes. We’ve seen in the state of Wisconsin over the last 365 days over 1,500 unique computers that have been involved in this activity,” explained Wiltse.

Once police are armed with the IP addresses, they go to court to track down the owners. It can be a lengthy legal process.

Among the police agencies taking advantage of the Child Rescue Coalition’s expertise and tracking technology is the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

“We’re here to protect our children. They have no say in this and they’re not doing it by consent. They’re doing it by force. And we have to look out for them and the only way to look out for them is to go after this and enforce this,” said Lt. Jim Valley, who heads up the Internet Crimes Against Children task force for the sheriff’s department.

His department has made some high profile stings collaborating with other law enforcement agencies. But day in and day out Valley’s department of two works quietly tracking down those dealing in child pornography.

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