Parents need to help their kids minimize technology and social media distractions.

Technology has become a parenting challenge today. Kids today are spending too much time on their smartphones, which hampers their attention from having face-to-face interactions. They can’t focus on their school work because they want to check the latest updates on their news feeds. Because of technology, our kids are having difficulty focusing on other important things.

Carl Hooker, an Education Technology specialist, calls these distractions as “notifistraction” (no-ti-fah-strak-shun) disease. The beeps and notifications from smart devices cause us to lose focus instantly. If these kids grow up digitally distracted, it may affect their future professional careers.

Since learning how to maintain a healthy balance between school, life, and family starts at home, here are some tips on how to minimize digital distractions.


Encourage your child to go out and exercise because it’s one of the best ways to help them regain focus. In a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, it revealed that students who engaged in aerobic exercises had better test scores in Mathematics and Reading, compared to those who didn’t exercise. Exercise helps our brain sharpen its ability to memorize and learn new things. Help your child pick the right exercise for him by keeping fun exercise equipment such as bikes, jumping ropes, and balls at home. You could also walk with your child around the park or the neighborhood. Walking around natural environments also help improve a child’s attention span.

Fight technology with technology

If you want to fight digital distractions, use technology to defeat it. Your kids may need to use their tablets or laptops for assignments, but you can either monitor their online activities, block access to specific mobile apps, or filter websites. MomSecure can help you win this fight and minimize digital distractions with the help of our cyber specialists. They can help customize your child’s device settings to minimize these distractions. This will also help them finish their school work on time.

Talk to your child about your own experiences with digital distractions

A good way of encouraging your child to minimize his or her digital distractions is to share your own experiences. Let them know that these distractions can impact productivity at work or school. Ask them about their own struggles and find solutions together. If your child knows that they’re not the only ones experiencing these problems, it would be easier for them to adopt techniques to avoid these distractions.

Teach your children to use technology wisely. It’s a great tool for online communication and learning. Find the root cause of their distractions to help them become better digital citizens. Learn more digital parenting tips by visiting the MomSecure website.