Top classifieds websites are now the easiest way for job-seekers – especially freshers – to find a position across the country. But women be careful! The Bengaluru police have warned women job-seekers that there are fake advertisers out there who are actually predators seeking sexual favours. Here’s how one gutsy 23-year-old B.Com graduate from Chitradurga set a trap to catch one such predator. The accused, Sudhindra, 42, was masquerading as a businessman in need of a personal secretary and put up an ad for the same on

When the victim saw this and contacted him expressing interest in the job, Sudhindra allegedly began making crude sexual advances towards the victim via text message, asking if she was single or married, and saying she would have to accompany him out of town in order to get the job. Realising he was a pervert, the victim contacted her friend, Aditya, and the two hatched a plan to trap him. After the victim expressed interest in the job, Sudhindra reportedly set up a meeting for the two of them at a well-known coffee shop on Indiranagar 100 feet road on Monday evening.

“The victim went there around 7.45 pm and met Sudhindra, who straightaway began asking her personal questions and making her uncomfortable. He then told her she would have to accompany him to Ooty and Mysuru and stay with him as part of the job.

Unknown to him, the victim had switched her video camera on and recorded the entire conversation. Soon after this, she called me, and we rushed to a nearby police station with the evidence to lodge a complaint. He was arrested the next day,” Aditya told Mirror.

What the accused told the police after his arrest was eyebrow-raising indeed: He was neither a businessman, nor was he in need of a personal assistant. He said he was married with two children, and that he owned a small electrical shop in Chikpete, close to his house!

“We saw the ad online, where he was offering the job of a personal secretary to those interested, knowing very well that mainly women would apply. This is not the first time he has tried this, he revealed. His is not the only fake ad out there; at least six out of 10 such advertisements are fake or a scam. What if the victim didn’t know he was a predator and agreed to meet him at an isolated location or inside a building? Applicants, especially women, need to be extra careful and double-check the details of the advertiser before giving out phone numbers or agreeing to meet them,” said a senior police officer from the East division.

Sudhindra, meanwhile, has been arrested under section 354 (A) (sexual harassment) of the IPC, and is cooling his heels in prison.

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