What You Need To Know About Twitter

January 27, 2017

Just like most social media sites, Twitter can also be a tool for cyberbullying. As a parent, it is best that you talk to your teen about any online threat.

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A Parent’s Guide to YouTube Kids

January 26, 2017

YouTube Kids was reimagined for families. It is a safe haven for kids to learn and be entertained.

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How to Talk to Your Kids and Guide to YouTube

January 20, 2017

YouTube, just like any other social networking site, has its own set of risks. Parents, mind attention on what you need to know about YouTube.

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Our Customers Say

The security agents setup my kids' mobile phones & tablets with security features without having me to learn any software - so easy to use.

- Samantha Warren

Subscribing in MomSecure made my life easy and worry-free as a mom. My two daughters now enjoy their mobile phones & tablets without receiving any dubious invites and misleading phone calls from people we do not know. Setup was seamless and easy. A huge thanks for the team behind this service.

- Kate Martin