Parents, Here’s Why You Need Parental Control

The Internet has become a source of inspiration and valuable information. Children can find resources for their school projects, assignments, and ideas for science fairs. It’s also a place where they can find Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorials for decorating their bedrooms, playing musical instruments or no-bake kiddie treats. The Internet can help a child explore a world without boundaries from the comfort of their own homes.

However, the Internet also hosts a number of online threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate content. These are just some of the reasons why online safety is important in today’s connected world. Parental control is an essential tool which can help parents protect their children from these online dangers. It also helps parents monitor their children’s online activity while they’re at school or spending time with friends.

As a parent, here’s why you need parental control on your child’s mobile’s devices:

Ease of use

Unlike apps, MomSecure’s Parental Control service is easy to use. With the help of our cyber agent, he or she can help filter inappropriate content and information which can be harmful to your child. Just enroll your child’s mobile device and let us help you keep him or her safe online.

Prevents “catfishing”

Catfishing is defined as a “phenomenon which allows online predators to fabricate online personas to lure people into romantic or emotional online relationships (over a long period of time)”. Some people like to pretend to be anyone and lure potential victims. They’ll use fake photos, voices, and social circles to make friends with children. It can happen to anyone online, including your child. Our parental control service help hide or disable social media apps to protect your child against catfishing.

Promotes responsible media use

Fifty-two percent (52%) of children aged 5 to 8-years old have used or own smart devices such as smartphones and tablets; according to Common Sense Media’s study on children’s use of media in the United States. Excessive media consumption may also lead to shorter attention spans, obesity, lower grades, and sleep deprivation. Site filtering can help you manage your child’s online activities. You can steer them towards quality content to promote good digital citizenship. Limiting their online activities helps increase prosocial behavior and promote responsible media use.

Prohibits unauthorized purchases and charges from mobile apps

Children use the Internet for research and entertainment. Some kids love to play online games and make unauthorized in-app purchases. Parents end up with paying for these purchases which could affect their family’s budget. These unauthorized purchases and charges can be easily curbed with parental control. Also, our cyber agents can block specific apps or sites to prevent your child from making these mistakes.

Parental supervision is still the best safeguard against any type of online threat. However, technology continues to evolve and we can’t guarantee our children’s safety 24/7. Parental control services help protect your child against online threats. Don’t be overwhelmed by the Digital Age. Subscribe to MomSecure and learn more about our services.