Teach your children to unplug from their gadgets during the holiday break

The holidays are here and it’s the best time to bond with your kids. However, most children are far too engrossed with their personal gadgets or smartphones. Since they were exposed to tablets, gaming consoles and smart devices, these kids feel that technology is the only solution to save them from boredom. Parents fear that their children are missing the experience of bonding with family and friends. For children, technology has become their digital pacifier.

Instead of letting your children immerse themselves in their smart devices, teach them to unplug during their holiday break. Below are some smartphone rules you can set during the holiday season.

Limit smartphone use

Your kids holiday break should be about taking a break from everything, including their smartphones. Limit their smartphone use by specifying usage hours during the holidays. Determine what time they can go online and for how long. You can also take their mobile phones from them and give it back during the specified hours. MomSecure offers peace of mind with its premium cyber security services. Our security agents can help you limit your child’s device use. It’s better to set limits because your children will learn to unplug themselves and spend more time with the family.

Become active with your kids

Exercising, riding a bike, or playing snowball fights are fun activities you can do with your kids. If there are winter sports activities in your community, encourage them to sign up and participate. It’s the best way for them to meet new friends and have fun without their gadgets. During bad weather, why not play traditional board games, solve puzzles, or arts and crafts activities. Enjoy a mug of hot chocolate while having fun with the family. You can also ask them to take pictures and share them on their social media accounts. It’s all about capturing precious memories with the family and sharing it with friends online.

Learn something new with your kids

Since the holidays is all about spending time with the family, why not learn something new with your kids. You can search for new holiday decorating ideas or baking recipes using their smartphones. Let them help you bake a delicious holiday cake which the whole family can enjoy. If you find new decorating ideas, fire up your creative juices and start decorating your home. Encourage the kids to participate because they’ll have a sense of accomplishment after finishing a decoration project or baking a new recipe. Teaching them to utilize technology while learning something new helps them become responsible smartphone users.

Share online experiences with your children

Some parents are reluctant to share their experiences with technology because they feel that their kids are more digitally-savvy than them. Sharing online experiences with your children helps because they need guidance on how to be a good netizen. Your kids lack the ability to think about the consequences of their actions online. As a parent, your life experiences online will guide them in their online lives. It’s also a good way to bond with your children during the holiday season.

Smartphones help enhance our children’s experiences. However, setting rules on smartphone usage during their holiday break gives them an opportunity to enjoy their life outside the Internet. Visit the MomSecure blog for more online tips for parents.