MomSecure is a premium cyber security service for families. MomSecure provides a unique level of customization and protection with the help of our certified professionals.

General Questions

How is MomSecure different from software or parental control apps?

  • MomSecure is a not a software that you license or an APP that you install. MomSecure is a service performed by our specialized security professionals to custom deploy the security settings that you and your family needs. MomSecure monitors that the control settings on your device are not removed or changed by any users thus alleviating the job of the parents trying to figure this out on their own.

What mobile platforms does MomSecure support?

  • MomSecure currently supports most Android and iOS devices. Tablets and or Smart Phones. Our service also supports securing settings for smart TVs and consoles.

How much does MomSecure cost?

  • You can enroll with MomSecure at $19.99 monthly. We also offer a full year subscription for $199.99 and save $40. The contract automatically renews unless cancelled.

Why do I need to enroll in a membership plan?

  • MomSecure is a service, not a software license. Our services continue to provide value for your children’s protection on a continuous basis. We know from experience that vulnerabilities happen every day, every hour, every minute. The MomSecure team works day to day to update our security offerings making sure that your devices do not go unprotected. In addition, the MomSecure team continues to monitor that the device protection is not removed by unauthorized users by validating with the account holder any changes that are not done by the MomSecure agents.
  • With the monthly membership that you pay, you have access to our specialized agents as many times as you need to consult, validate or to answer any questions you may have whether they are security related or simply PC troubleshooting. You can contact them anytime from 1:00pm – 10:00pm CST M-F.

How will the service be deployed to my children’s devices?

  • After creating your account, you will get in touch with our agents via our encrypted online chat interface. The cyber security agent will help you with the installation and configuration of your devices. Our agents will do the installation thru a remote device interface. Once connected to your devices, our agents will activate the protection. All of these interactions will be fully encrypted and secured.

I need to protect additional devices. How many devices MomSecure can cover?

  • At this time, MomSecure does not have a limit on your devices subscription.

Is my credit card safe?

  • YES. All personal and credit card information is encrypted and protected from any intrusion. We have processes and procedures in place so that sensitive financial information is not visible to anyone other than to the financial institutions that securely handle payments and transactions.

Is my device monitored?

  • Our cyber security team will only monitor the device’s subscription and protection activity. We do not manage or access content or features such as camera, pictures, videos, locations, emails, etc. Our service will never attempt to access this data.

Does MomSecure have access to my photos and videos?

  • MomSecure doesn’t have access to your device’s personal photos and videos.

What information do MomSecure needs before rendering the service?

  • MomSecure will only need the type of operating system your device has. (Example. iOS & Android) and the type of protection rating that you want to utilize based on your child’s age or personal preference.

What personal information does MomSecure access on my device while rendering the service?

  • MomSecure does not access any personal information on your device nor does it access any other areas of the device.

Is MomSecure website encrypted?

  • MomSecure is constantly monitored and safeguarded by a third party company called 360 CyberSecure. This means that all the data submitted on our website is secured and encrypted with the strongest available encryption algorithm.

Can I modify or adjust my security settings later?

  • Yes. You may contact our cyber security agents and we will accommodate all your requests to adjust your settings.

Can I cancel anytime no questions asked?

  • Yes. You may cancel your subscription anytime. Just log in to your account through our website and under payment tab, choose cancel subscription. This will automatically withdraw your services from MomSecure and will stop any future charges.

I am not so sure I want to enroll, can I speak with someone directly?