MomSecure’s premium service features

MomSecure’s premium service features help you control what is only appropriate and suitable for your children’s device. MomSecure locks down your children’s devices by custom configuring the internet and apps access of your devices.

Site filtering – Predetermined list of specific websites that can or cannot be accessed and/or viewed. Allows parents to manage the internet search experience for safer browsing.

Social media App blocking – Disable or hide the most popular apps (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) and be worry free when they use their device. Our security agents will help you identify which apps to configure or choose from our restricted list.

Game App blocking – Games are cool for children and there is a variety of online and offline games. As parents, we want our children to spend more time on useful and educational games. Our service helps hide and filter games that are appropriate depending on your children’s age.

In-app purchase restrictions – You can protect the App Store and Play Store with a password to prevent your children making unauthorized charges from paid-for apps and games.

Content filtering – With the help of our security agents, we can filter the information and prevent your children from accessing certain items, which may be harmful if opened or accessed. Cyber security agents can assist to restrict the media content (movies, music, podcasts).

Access to security agents – Our cyber security agents will help you modify and customize the restrictions on your children’s devices. The service is not just protecting the device but also having access to a specialized security agent for as long as you are a member.



5 Tips To Help Kids Safe Online

As a parent, how can we teach our children to be safe online? It’s a question we’ve been thinking about. They know the internet offers a lot of things that can be helpful and fun. What they don’t know is anything about online privacy and other security issues that can cause harm to their very young age.

Follow these simple tips that can be useful to help your kids be safe online.



MomSecure’s Parental Control Services


Let MomSecure’s parental control services keep your kids’ devices safe and protected online.

  • Site Filtering that allows parents to manage the internet search experience for safer browsing.
  • Disable or hide the most popular social media apps and be worry free when kids use their device.
  • Blocks inappropriate games by category or specific request. Instead, filter games that are appropriate and educational.
  • With In-app purchase restrictions, you can prevent your kids making unauthorized charges from paid-apps.
  • Access to security agents that will help you filter information and contents which may be harmful to your kids.


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